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Restructuring Interview Package

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Get all seventeen restructuring interview guides; containing hundreds of questions and answers, examples, case studies, and the 101-page restructuring overview.

This will be the most thorough education in restructuring you'll find anywhere and will not only make sure you crush your interview, but succeed once you're on the job. 

Once ordered, you'll get immediate access to the member's area. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Excellent overview of almost everything that you could expect in summer analyst and analyst level RX interviews. Very easy to digest and the topics are well explained. Plus the blogs are also amazing.

This man is an absolute G and has my upmost respect for not attempting to price gouge desperate students like all the other courses.

Distressed Debt Analyst
Truly Remarkable

Alex has compiled an absolutely cracked guide that distills restructuring into easily digestible material. The fact that he offers this at such an affordable price is a testament to his character; this guide is worth every dollar and hour you spend reading it.

Chapter 11's are my weakness
Hacking the system

Ever found something so amazing it feels like you've stumbled upon a secret hack? This place is an absolute steal, simplifying the intricate restructuring world for anyone to understand, while offering in-depth insights on acing interview topics and mastering them.

Using these guides, I absolutely crushed my technical interviews and landed a gig at PJT!

In addition to the guides, Alex truly goes above and beyond, sending thoughtful emails packed with recommendations on various topics in the field. He's genuinely a great guy who puts in the extra effort to help without charging a dime – a rare find in this industry.

For anyone exploring the restructuring world or aiming to land a solid RX role, I highly recommend these guides. You wont find anything better on the street.

RX Associate
Best RX Guide

This is the clearest and most comprehensive guide on financial restructuring. I recommend it to all who are interested in seeking a role in the industry.

Incoming RX analyst
Excellent Guide

An essential guide for those looking to get into restructuring. If you go through these guides you will get an offer in RX and impress your interviewers. Highly highly recommend.